professional endorsements

Jon Anderson has applied years of skill to the neediest of areas: the home. We benefit from his experience. His grace-filled wisdom, common-sense advice, and Biblical perspective merge to create a wonderful tool. I heartily recommend it.
Max Lucado //
New York Times best-selling author
Unhealthy marriages may arguably be the greatest dilemma in our current culture. As a pastor, where do I turn for help? Unreservedly, to Jon and Joanna Anderson. First, they have a strong and winsome marriage. They have years of   proven experience. Their curriculum is solid and scripturally sound. Their process trains others to take the message out into the neighborhoods. Most important of all, I have seen the product—many healed and growing marriages.
Randy Frazee //
Senior Minister at Oak Hills Church / Author of The Connecting Church + Making Room for Life + The Heart of the Story
The beauty of Jon Anderson’s Growing Love is that it not only provides practical information every spouse should know, but also transforms couples’ intellectual and emotional lives. Such a transformation is an essential part of enriching relationships drained of their emotional energy, or saving marriages in crisis and threatened by imminent divorce. Jon’s “nine essentials” will transform your marriage forever by putting you on the path toward wholeness.
 Mark Abshier //
Senior Minister at MacArthur Park Church of Christ
What an awesome privilege we have to participate in the plans God has for others in and through their marriage and family relationships! Through lots of laughter and sometimes a few tears, we have seen God’s amazing hand as He draws people closer to Himself. Marriage, after all, is the relationship in which God glorifies Himself and is the example He uses to describe Christ’s relationship with His church! It is our prayer that God would reveal Himself in your relationship to others, so that you will enjoy the sweet fruit of His blessings as you do life together with Him.
Carlos + Nora Rodriguez //
Certified Life Coaches and Pastoral Counselors
There is hope! After taking several marriage and communication courses, we felt like roofers using the best materials and techniques, but working on a house with a faulty foundation. Growing Love strengthened our relational foundation by helping us focus on individual growth, and by helping us focus on each other with acceptance and forgiveness. In just a few short weeks, we made incredible progress on real, core issues in our marriage. We can’t recommend Growing Love strongly enough for anyone wanting better relationships.
Catherine + Dr. Louis Garcia //
Growing Love participants
I absolutely love Jon Anderson’s 365 Days of Growing Love. It is a book filled with short and insightful daily devotions to grow more deeply in love with your spouse. Daily entries are practical and easy to implement. My favorite is called ‘The Joanna Game’. That idea, alone, will transform the life of your family.
Carl Caton //
Founder + Director of the San Antonio Marriage Initiative

satisfied clients

I asked my wife to attend Love Reboot as a last ditch effort to save our failing marriage. Much to my surprise, this three-day retreat has provided a basis for us to work together to heal old wounds and build a new future together. We cannot recommend this program highly enough to any couples who think their marriage is over.
— David
This has been the biggest ‘Ah-ha’ moment of my life and by far the best thing I could have done for myself, my mate and my family! I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and only wish I had done it sooner!
— McKenzie
Marriage and life have crossroads, twists and turns. Like many I was too deep... too lost. I needed help and direction. I now have a path. I now see direction. Do not give up yet. There is a rainbow after each storm.
— Jesse Mendez
The power of this format for helping hurting marriages cannot be overstated. It’s counseling on steroids for at-risk couples.
— Ben Young
Love Reboot showed me I really didn’t know how to be a great spouse. I found out how to have God’s love. Our marriage has been saved! We were separated and now I’m coming home.
— Timothy Jones
I came to this workshop with half commitment to it and almost no commitment to my marriage. God is a BIG God. He worked through Jon and Joanna. They have walked me through where I have been, given me tools to move forward, and focused me on how I can heal and change. For the first time in years I have hope and a plan. With God, our marriage can shine and allow others to see God’s healing first hand!
— Shannon Montoya
I thank God... This Reboot has begun a healing process in my life. I know God has a purpose for us and, through this Reboot, I can see God’s hand in our process. I felt so alone through this season of my life but I now feel such a closeness to my husband and especially to God.
— Sandra O Santana
I had filed for a divorce believing to friends and family that the majority of problems came from my spouse. I now believe that it was my knowledge deficit of her attributes that I didn’t desire. I understand and look at her in a different way now. I more appreciate a partner that I couldn’t do without.
— Adrian Martinez
This workshop has given me hope. I felt before like I was a single warrior with no tools. Over these 3 days I have learned so much about myself and my spouse. After 7 and 1/2 years I thought I knew it all. This course was an eye opener and shock all at the same time. The openness and honesty of Jon & Joanna showed me we all have problems. It’s just knowing yourself and investing in your spouse that makes the difference. Now I feel well equipped to fight the battles we all face.
— John Potts
Love Reboot has brought back the excited feeling for me towards my husband. It has taught me how to love my husband properly. I now feel better equipped to communicate with him when I thought I already knew how.
— Nicole Galbraith
I did not want to attend this workshop. I did everything in my power to get out of coming. Thank God I was wrong! Jon and Joanna provided me the tools that I needed to save my marriage, through Godly teaching and wisdom. I highly recommend this workshop to couples that have given up! There’s always hope!
— Bobby Prado
This workshop has been such an epic awakening for my life. The tools in the “Love Reboot” toolbox are so important for us. God is using Jon & Joanna in such a way that I now feel like they are not only friends, but family.
— Patricia Yates
Love Reboot has provided hope and excitement for our marriage! It has taken the fear and pressure away and replaced them with forgiveness and unity.
— Justin and Amanda
An amazing template to begin the process of healing and forgiving. Love Reboot reinforces God’s message for me and all of us.
— Andy Stanley
This workshop has been an eye-opener for my marriage!
— Missy Hertless
I recommend this to couples of all ages or years of marriage. We have been married for over 26 years and this workshop has equipped us for the next 26 plus years.
— Larry Alderete
We have been married for 30 years and have spent most of that time letting circumstances rule the ups and downs of our marriage. This course has given us the intentionality we needed to communicate our hurts, hopes and dreams. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to be on the same page as we grow together.
— Cindy
If you’re ever going to have a chance to restore your marriage it will be achieved through this course.
— Love Reboot Client
I was at a point in my relationship where I was checked out. I was blessed that my husband felt the same way but agreed to try Love Reboot. Jon really made it safe to talk and express my own feelings. I now have hope!
— Michelle Mendez
I had neglected my wife and our marriage for four long years. There is a real difference in your course and meeting with a counselor. I believe that is why it works and other methods often do not. Our marriage has become stronger since then. Thank God we made it until we could attend the course. We continued to have faith that God must have some reason for us to ‘hang in there’ even though we both wanted out from the time the honeymoon ended. We are closer now than ever. All I can say is God has rewarded us for our perseverance (with His help). Nothing worth having comes without hard work. I have learned this in life. Please preach this message to others. Your help was invaluable during the course.”
— J.D.
Love Reboot has done for my marriage what 21 years of counseling and perception hasn’t. Jon and Joanna Anderson present invaluable information and strategies that all couples should have as a tool box before they exchange vows.
— Sean Davis
We loved having this experience! The instructors are very kind and express their thoughts with care and knowledge. Thank you and God bless you both.
— Carla Freise
This workshop has shown me that we are not alone - it helps to know you’re not the only one struggling. The materials and presentation are very straight forward and genuine, which makes it very relatable. I would recommend this class to anyone at any stage in their marriage. Jon & Joanna’s testimony style of teaching makes the class easier to understnad than other classes we’ve attended. Also, very professional, kind and non-judgemental.
— James Freise
This workshop saved our relationship. I was very pessimistic going in and was overwhelmed by how positive the experience was. I wish we had done this before getting married. I highly recommend this course to all married couples or those considering getting married!
— Taylor + Christine
I came here as a last resort and to check the box, ‘I’ve done everything I can.’ I’m walking away with a stronger marriage and new beginning. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us. Thank you for our miracle and answer to many, many prayers!
— Ashley
We both agree that Love Reboot was a Godsend! Rick and I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jon and Joanna for developing this course and sharing your knowledge and experience with us. We left encouraged and inspired that we will be great examples for others and hopefully one day be able to share our experiences as you have.
— Beth Ann & Rick Gustafson
God has used Love Reboot to breathe life back into our marriage! We both have so much hope and the tools to continue to grow our marriage!
— Jonathan + Hannah Townsend
Love Reboot has given hope to continue our 22 years of marriage. After attending several workshops, this one has been the most beneficial in providing the tools for a healthy marriage. I have looked in the mirror and can see what God has made in a different way.
— Yvonne Bailey