A 3-day workshop 

for hurting relationships and marriages



If any of these applies, it is important that you begin with a Love Reboot weekend:

  • Either partner is considering divorce
  • There has been a recent or ongoing affair
  • The couple has been recently separated

Even if none of these applies, you should still start with Love Reboot if you believe your marriage is eroding instead of growing.

We have worked with over 1000 couples in at least one of these situations. The results have been many times more effective than with traditional methods. Love Reboot not only saves marriages, it provides a pathway to an even stronger and more fulfilling relationship than when you first fell in love.


During the workshop you will discover how to:

  • Heal from past hurts
  • Regain trust
  • Fall back in love or more deeply in love
  • Discover true intimacy
  • Communicate effectively and lovingly
  • Handle conflict
  • Build mutually fulfilling lives together

If you believe your spouse may be reluctant to attend one of our Love Reboot workshops, click here for help in overcoming that reluctance