My spouse says it’s over… is it really?

Almost every day we get a phone call or email from someone who tells us that their spouse is leaving them… for good. So, why do we hear from these people? Because these cases are our specialty!

Over the past 11 years we have led more than 80 workshops, with thousands of couples, in which one of the spouses wants a divorce. Statistically, when a marriage is at that point, there is less than a 17% chance that they will still be married within the next 24 months. But, more than 70% of those we have worked with over the years are still married. There is hope!

If this is your situation it is important to understand that your spouse likely has no interest in saving the marriage. So, your attempts to get your spouse to do something to save the marriage are likely going to be resisted. However, what your spouse may not realize is that, whether or not he or she stays married to you, the two of you will always have a relationship with each other. This is especially so if you have children together. So saving your marriage should not be the objective at this point. Instead, if your spouse believed the two of you could have a wonderful relationship together or, better yet, began to experience a new, more wonderful relationship with you, then their interest in staying married to you will automatically begin to rise!

We don’t much care for patching together failing marriages. Instead, we love to “Reboot” relationships to create marriages that are wonderful and ever-growing. That’s why we call ourselves Growing Love Network. As a matter of fact, many of the couples we have trained to lead marriage courses were once in your shoes… one of the spouses came to us because the other spouse wanted a divorce.

So, if you believe your marriage is failing and your spouse doesn’t care to save it, focus instead on building a wonderful relationship with them! They will be much more willing to attend a Love Reboot, making it much more likely that the two of you will soon be on the road to a great marriage.

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