About Growing Love Network

Our deepest, most heartfelt human need is to be significant to someone.

Entire industries have emerged to help us find our “soul mate,” that One-and-Only "destined" to love us just as we are. But when the search is over, and we then discover that our soul-mate isn’t perfect—which, by the way, always happens—we start trying to reshape them to better suit our expectations.

There’s just one problem with this approach: people don’t like to be “fixed.” Trying to change others just creates more broken relationships.

Could it be that we’re looking for the wrong things? Asking the wrong questions?

Join us for a Growing Love course, or a Love Reboot seminar, and we’ll show you how to turn the traditional search for “The One” on its head. All of your relationships—I promise—will be transformed.

Growing Love Network is a 501c3, non-profit organization.